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Expert Public Affairs and Strategic Communications for Oregon’s Employers and Organizations


Coalition & Grassroots Management

Public Affairs Counsel provides association management services for a select group of clients. You can see PAC’s association clients here.  As a firm, we provide expertise and execution in the following areas:

Stakeholder engagement

Strategic Planning

  • Visioning
  • Bench marking
  • Best practices assessment

Integrated marketing

  • Strategic communications planning
  • Brand and messaging consistency
  • Content development

Organizational development

  • Capacity building
  • Revenue Growth
    • Membership and retention growth
    • Program development for maximizing revenue
    • Non-dues revenue development
  • Change management
  • Development of best practices
  • Process improvement
  • Process analysis

Management of government affairs

  • Public Affairs Counsel’s association management creates synergy for greater government affairs and advocacy reach through lobbying, polling, communications and public affairs.

Financial Management

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