Public Affairs Campaign Management

Over the years, Public Affairs Counsel has built an impressive record in managing successful statewide and local ballot measure campaigns. These campaigns typically involve uphill battles over complex and emotional issues. Many have been won by narrow margins.

A successful ballot measure campaign has many elements that are critical to success – survey research (polling), issue research, campaign organization, grassroots and coalition development, editorial and public relations, paid media, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.

PAC’s fundamental approach to managing campaigns is to gather the best information possible about issues through issue and survey research. PAC then utilizes this information to develop campaign strategies and themes that resonate with voters and executes multi-media communications and grassroots efforts that reach and move the electorate. These elements, coupled with hard work, are the basis for its success.

Public Affairs Counsel has a long track record of success in polling and managing state and local ballot. In all, PAC has managed 30 state and local measures – winning 24.