Public Opinion Research

In addition to our lobbying and government affairs services, Public Affairs Counsel has the ability through its polling firm and public relations services to change – or bolster – hearts and minds across issue areas.

PAC can determine what the public is thinking on your particular issue and, more specifically, what messages will work to counter or advance your interests. PAC has been doing this work for decades with outside help in ballot measure campaigns, but, with the arrival of David Reinhard as Director of Communications, Public Affairs Counsel specializes in developing and executing public relations campaigns for clients, particularly those with issues before the Legislature.

PAC is a believer in the importance of well-timed, strategically placed editorials in PAC’s – and the larger business community’s – lobby strategies. Sometimes, the best way to change opinions in the Legislature and the general public is to take the less direct approach of making your arguments through the third party in the Fourth Estate. The result: dozens of pro-active and defensive editorials that helped changed the debate for PAC clients.

PAC clients that have taken of advantage of our public relations services include the Oregon Farm Bureau and Northwest Food Processors Association, Oregonians for Balanced Climate Policy, Salmon for All, the Portland Development Commission, Oregonians for Renewable Energy, and the Umatilla Electric Cooperative.

The public relations campaign can work in conjunction with an industry or business’ lobby campaign alone or combined with a ballot measure/legislative lobbying effort. In either case, the client or the client’s lobbyists will be able to tell legislators how the public views their particular interest and how legislators should talk about – or not talk about – that issue in public.

PAC will work with the client to find and train messengers, hone data-driven messages, and create op-ed articles, news releases, one-pagers and back-up material. From talking points to fact sheets, issue briefs to press kits, PAC will create targeted communications tools that leave a lasting impression on the public and policy-shapers. PAC will also reach out to select editorial boards to arrange visits, as well as make targeted pitches to reporters.

If it’s necessary to reach the larger public in a legislative district or geographical area, PAC has also pioneered a proprietary personalized direct mail approach that breaks through today’s communications clutter with data-driven messages that recipients actually read.

PAC can also include a dynamic social media campaign to create grassroots support for the clients’ position. PAC services include web development and precise data-driven messaging for the site and electronic communications.

When it comes to polling and public relations – and the intersection of both – Public Affairs Counsel acts with relentless discipline and precision. And PAC can do all this, whether your business/industry faces a short-term threat or long-term challenge.

Doing all this under one roof has obvious advantages for PAC clients: Clients work with a team that not only knows how to lobby, but also knows how the public thinks on the client’s issue and how to message the issue to the public.

For more information on Public Affairs Counsel’s research firm, The Nelson Report, please visit www.NelsonReport.com